Small/phenomenal manual legacy prime lens

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Re: Small/phenomenal manual legacy prime lens

mgn2 wrote:

I think the Contax-G 45mm f2 looks like the best option so far. How about this?

Its an SLR lens(c/y mount), that has a good rep.

The Pen F 38/1.8 is quite sharp with good color, it's main weakness is high contrast light, I like using it in the shade or light overcast days.

The Jupiter 8 & 3 are quite good, as is the Industar 22, the ones with a red P(Pi) have a coating that is or is like Zeiss' T coating from the same era. I've hade good dealings with

The Industar 69 is a nice fun lens, the borders are soft but the centre is sharp, it's awesome for b&w shots and it's one of a few of the smallest lenses you can mount on NEX, it typically needs a bit of work to get it to focus to infinity.

The Canon RF 35/2 is very good, so is the 50/1.4 & 100/3.5

The Nikkor S.C 50/1.4 in LTM(M39) is real good.

The Contax G 45/2 is loved by many, and is well known to be very sharp.

If I had to pick one of my lenses to keep, it would probably be my Leica Elmarit M 28/2.8

I have a Topcor 50/2 LTM coming, I hope it's as good as my Topcor RE 58/1.8

A lens I got recently, a Helios 103 (53/1.8) is very sharp wide open, the big down side is its mount is Contax RF, meaning the helicoid is in the camera/adapter which can be expensive to buy a new adapter$200+, or you can fluke out and find one that someone removed from a broken camera and mounted it to an E mount adapter like the M39 to NEX adapter, I paid $50 for mine.

A quick test shot of the 103 wide open on my 7, there's not much green or flowers yet to shoot.

The best bang for the buck will prob be the Jupiter 8 & Pen F 38.

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