Kit Lens for OMD EM-5: 14-42 or 12-50

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Re: Perhaps YOU, Jolly Oly, could use a minimum of courtesy

First of all, thanks Skeys and Necrosoft13 for chiming in.

Jolly Oly, a few points of clarification.

1. I did do search of the forums before posting my questions and did not come across any posts comparing the image quality of the 14-42mm to the 12-55mm kit lens. In fact, shortly after my post, there was a post by another member one basically asking the same question.

2. I found your opening statement "Could you please use a minimum of courtesy" to be unnecessarily cheeky and condescending. Others may as well and this could be a big turnoff, particularly for newbies.

3. Have you read the post that was put up shortly after mine, entitled: "Should I 'upgrade' from the 14-42 kit to the 12-50 kit lens?" I'm glad to see that you haven't posted a similarly condescending comment to offend that OP since it's basically the same question I was asking.

Lastly, to all others who responded to my original post, thank you for your feedback. This is my first time posting a question to a dpreview forum, and I've been very impressed by the everyone's willingness to provide advice in trying to help me out. Really lends a sense of comraderie to the community. You've helped me decide. 14-42mm primarily for the compactness and since there doesn't appear to be a clear difference performance-wise between the two. It will allow me to apply the savings to either a prime or a 9-18mm wide angle zoom.

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