Obama backs Internet sales tax bill

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Attention Democrats on this forum: Do you support this bill? If yes you are nothing but a vulture socialist like your fellow Democrats in Congress and the White House!

what the purpose of the bill is? It's to level the playing field for the small retailer in a state to compete against Amazon, B&H, etc. It is designed so that the states get their fair share, so they can support the programs the states need to support their citizens.

This Bill will pass because it will have wide bi-partisan support. Indeed, it will have more support from Republicans than Democrats.

But what is this Bill? While in one sense, it's "fair" in that local companies suffer. The fact is, is that ALL Sales taxes hurt the poor and lower Middle Class. Obama backs it for the same reasons that Republicans back it. It's called, "Fk the poor." This bill will benefit the wealthy more than anyone else. It will allow states to raise the revenue they need without taxing the rich.

In every State in the Union the wealthy pay LESS proportionally than the poor and Middle Class. This merely confirms the existing order.


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