Blown Away With the NEX-7

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Re: Blown Away With the NEX-7 - I stand on the opposite side!

GaryW wrote:

Steven-T wrote:

The more I use the NEX-7, and with the latest firmware upgrade, it "killed" my Leica RF WA lenses, including 50mm Lux and lower focal length.

Before the latest upgrade, I was quite ok with my high end wide angle lenses, not the budget and more symmetrical designs.  Now it's a dead end for me.  What's a hopeless feeling.

If you searched my previous postings, the NEX-7 is ok, e.g. with my 35Lux ASPH.  Now no more.  Need to look elsewhere for light weight small size.

I don't understand why it would be worse.  Shouldn't they have improved the wide angle support?  Worst-case, use RAW (you should anyway) and run through corner fix or some other software if necessary.

But, the bottom-line is, don't update the firmware if the camera is doing OK for you!  I have updated the FW on my Nex-5 most of the releases, as they added significant features.  This last update doesn't impact me, so I have avoided installing it.  (Just because there's a change doesn't necessarily mean it's a change for the better.  Or maybe change that's better to one person is worse for another, etc.)

NEX is no longer the platform for me, after significant investments.  The e-mount zoom/primes do not work for me.

There's another thread on where's the "wow" factor.

It's great you like your new NEX-7.  Congrats!

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Gary W.

Don't understand the logic of your reply.

Anyway, I have seen many of your similar postings.  I will ignore.

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