Obama backs Internet sales tax bill

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Yes, this is not a Federal tax

Walking Dead wrote:

chironNYC wrote:

Maybe the states with high sales taxes, like New York and California, should discover that their taxes make their stores much less competitive in a world where money is very mobile.

And maybe the federal government should cut back on spending other people's money in order to enhance the power and careers of congressmen and bureaucrats.

Funny, but the largest brick & mortar camera show, B&H Photo, is in New York City.

And, the tax is not for the federal government, it is for the STATES, and designed to level the playing field.

Good point.

BTW. I've figured out who you were in your, err, previous life. I will keep silent as long as you stay honest, and don't pretend as you did before.

Good post, I've given you a brownie point...


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