Has anyone complained to Olympus yet...

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Re: Has anyone complained to Olympus yet...

Why in the world are you posting this here. Just because one person on an off chance got $30 waived and you call Olympus say XYZ from this Country on the Planet "you" Mr. Olympus waived $30 you need to do that for me too.

I would have asked about Any fees associated with a repair of any kind warrantee for labor or parts aside. If you asked or looked at the manufactures site it would be a good thing

the olympus site says they pay shipping back to you if you look at the support section. So Olympus pays and you pay its a 50/50 deal.

The bigger problem is if it happens again out of warrantee it would really cost way more.

If you want to save $30, don't insure the package, don't use any tracking method. I would not do that, but it would save the cash.

Oh, and Roland Barthes would not say anything, He died in 1980.

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