Obama backs Internet sales tax bill

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Bill Randall
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Who sets the standard?

chironNYC wrote:

Bill Randall wrote:

In regards to an increase to personal income taxes, I am talking about the higher income levels.

I'm actually pretty sick and tired of the soak-the-rich, "pay your fair share," class-warfare bull crap. Higher income groups already pay a hugely disproportionate share of the taxes.

Maybe the states with high sales taxes, like New York and California, should discover that their taxes make their stores much less competitive in a world where money is very mobile.

And maybe the federal government should cut back on spending other people's money in order to enhance the power and careers of congressmen and bureaucrats.

I have been a proponent of completely revising our tax system. In its current state it is too complex and that opens the door for dishonesty. Business is the backbone of any economy and as such, deserves a fair playing field. Part of the problem that business faces today is brought on by themselves. For example:

1. Backing illegal immigration for cheap labor.
2. The lies set forth in their commercials.
3. The special tax relief they receive from local leaders.
4. Hounding people with telemarketers.

Now I am certain each of us could come up with things the citizens do wrong as well. My point is that the well to do are the ones that society looks up to. These are the people that should be setting the moral and ethical standard for the masses to follow. Business leaders and our legislators have fallen flat on their faces when it comes to moral and ethical standards.

The problem as I see it is that our legislators have allowed the rich to deviate too much from doing the right thing, and the masses of other citizens are following the standard set by them. How many went to jail for the mortgage crisis? Millions of dollars involved, and too few were punished. Yet a man steels a six-pack of beer and he goes to jail. Fair?

If, like me, you consider business and our legislators to be the ones to set the ethical and moral standard for the masses, then business and our legislators have no one to blame but themselves for this class-warfare and lack of a fair and reasonable business environment.

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