Thom Hogan's assessment of a D400

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Re: Will you buy if Nikon went crazy high ISO & not MP?

whoosh1 wrote:

jfriend00 wrote:

I don't however believe that better high ISO performance means that nobody wants larger aperture long glass which is what I thought I was discussing here.  It still has its place too.

No - I agree that larger apertures have their place for better DoF control. I was strictly talking of the case where one was looking to carry lighter lens at the expense of the better DoF control - but still needed the extra stop of light (that an f/4 lens would provide vs an f/5.6 lens) and could get that extra stop by an extra stop or two of maximum available clean ISO vs a larger aperture lens.

OK, I'll agree with that one.  The D300 had a stop better high ISO performance than the D2x.  The D7100 has about a stop more than the D300.  Each advance in high ISO performance has given the photographer more options and made it possible to use f/5.6 (or even f/8 lenses with a TC) in more situations than they could before.

Though, best IQ will be achieved with high quality optics, great technique and the lowest ISO you can shoot with.  So, when you shoot at f/5.6 and then have raise the ISO to compensate, there may be IQ compromises.  Would you want to shoot a high school basketball game or volleyball game with an f/5.6 lens - probably not.


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