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Interesting that so many people, when presented with an open-ended question become resentful and derisive. Maybe a good camera company is one that wants to build a superior camera, and take a chance to bring innovation to their customers.

Sony is the best camera company because they bought the photography assets of Minolta, who could not make a go of the digital camera business, and jumped into the DSLR market without reservation. In the process they have given those with an investment in the A- mount System 7 years of competitive capability and built a full line up while also iterating their products at the rate demanded by the market.

Fuji is the best camera company because as early as the F30 their goal was to invest in technological  innovation with the goal of producing superior compact camera performance, rather than superior pixel count.

Panasonic is the best camera company because in bringing m43 to the market, not only did they, along with Olympus,  challenge the traditional SLR camera design, they chose to focus on producing a wide range of quality lenses so that early adopters could buy good lenses once, and upgrade sensors as they chose.

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