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dellaaa wrote:

Hi Eric,

I have read your posts in past and you seem more objective than many who post on here.

I know in past you shot with Sony, but now I see you have made the switch to Fuji.  I have the NEX7 for over a year and still I am not sure whether to keep it.  I have the kit and the 16 with both adapters.

I don't find shooting with the camera enjoyable.  I think Sony tried, unsuccessfully, to reinvent the wheel with the TriNavi. I would much prefer a shutter speed dial and an aperture ring.

I have looked at the Fuji XPRO 1, but it seemed overpriced and their lack of RAW support killed it for me.  I also think a some of the people who shoot it are maybe a bit overly enthusiastic in their appraisal of both it and of the images it produces (that Fuji color magic IMHO is easily reproduced on my Sony files by boosting the saturation and vibrance in ACR.)

If you would, can you tell me what you think of the Fuji, specifically how it compares to the Sony.  How do you think the images compare and what about the ergonomics?  Do you regret the change?


Hi!  I think I replied to your PM.  My preference for mirrorless right now would probably be Fuji for lens roadmap, Samsung for value with some really good lenses, NEX for pretty good bodies (stable firmware, promising future, lots of support from third party), Olympus for the OM-D, etc.  I sold my Fuji as I have too many cameras, loved the images (after RAW converters fixed issues), but it was maybe a bit picky.

Sony/Amazon sent me a NEX 3n to review so I will post a review of that and the PZ1650 lens.  It is nice enough, they fixed my complaints about the C3 (tripod mount off center and unable to open battery door when on tripod and slightly better grip), but it still has some quirks, like low res rear screen, grip is still too small, and lacks some of the features of its siblings.  I like the flash is built in now, I never used that finicky piece of junk flash that screws into the top.  I don't like the looks of it and it is really hard for my big fingers to get it attached

My favorite NEX body is by far the NEX 6.  I love the grip and controls are better since it has the mode dial finally.  Still could use more manual controls, but that makes it decent enough.  So I like Fuji, but not necessarily more than Sony or Samsung or Olympus.  It is a different tool.

My hangups with NEX are mostly the slow AF and you can't change AF point size, along with some average lenses.  The focus point size should be simple, both Fuji and Samsung allow this and it is extremely useful if the camera is trying to focus ont he background or the focus point is too small for what you are trying to capture. My favorite lenses right now are the 24, 35, and 50, and also the 10-18mm.  This makes for a small range of lenses I really like, and you have to realize that when I got out of NEX the only one of those available was the 24 and the 50 was just coming out, and I didn't want to drop $1100 US for a 24/1.8 when I could get a 30/2 for just a $200 or so (yeah, not as fast or wide, but good enough for what I wanted).  Some people think I have something against NEX, I don't.

I think it took me a while to realize that many of Sony's lenses are designed for video use.  Even the low res 16mm f/2.8 is plenty for HD video.  Most of the lenses are optically corrected to help with processing and video (a lot of software demand to real time correct video for distortion and CA, etc).  I am not a video shooter at all, so the still cameras drew my attention (like Fuji).


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