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Re: Here's a screen shot

Ernie Misner wrote:

Okay, if I shoot RAW, then it's a setting (choice) in PS as to whether it converts that RAW file to sRGB or aRGB......  correct?    And I can also select that setting in NX2, or any other RAW converter, right?

Now that I am having prints made (at ProDPI Lab) and selling them perhaps I should switch from sRGB to aRGB.    I'm already in the habit of saving one version as a low res jpg for emailing and for the web, so it wouldn't be much trouble to save that low res version in sRGB.

As an aside - interesting that some of the popular online printing sites such as Bay, ProDPI, etc., use printers such as the Durst Theta that are NOT inkjet whatsoever as I understand it, but Type C, silver halide process.    I guess although they use std. inkjet papers, the printer must lay down a photographic type emulsion, then expose that with laser beams.   How wild is that?    All I know is the prints look sharp and colorful.   Anyone???

Thanks,   Ernie

Well wait.......there is no such thing as "aRGB".....according to the Adobe police here, you can't abbreviate.....that's not allowed.....or is allowed for some, but not others, depending on which click you're in ?

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