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Re: sRGB vs. RGB

John King wrote:

Gidday GM

I address colour spaces and the basics of a colour managed workflow here:

GMartin wrote:

Since digital ceme on the scene ive always used RGB for my color space when shooting.

But all websites and Facebook post their photos based on the sRGB color space. And I assume

that printing labs do also.

Just one of many reasons why I do my own printing ...

If I switch over to sRBG will my colors look better when I post on galleries and Facebook ? I see many images that just look amazing and wonder " How the hell did they get their colors to look like that ? "

Always convert to sRGB for the web. The web runs on sRGB, unfortunately. sRGB is incapable of reproducing most colours faithfully - i.e. accurately.

I edit everything in PS, shoot largest JPEG and am not into the RAW capture. I know that many photogs swear by RAW but my question always was " well you shoot raw, you edit raw, then change to jpeg once your're done".........once you change your files to jpeg, don't you lose all the advantages of everything you just did.......capture raw, edit raw, final files jpeg.....i dont get it.......what am I missing ?

I never convert image files to JPEGs ... I save images as 16 bit .PSD files using the ProPhotoRGB colour space.

I cannot understand where the idea of converting edited image files to JPEG even came from; let alone how it gained any kind of currency ...
My continual mantra is never throw away data, you can never get it back!

Once you convert from a high bit (= 16 bit), wide gamut colour space to a low bit (= 8 bit), narrow gamut colour space, you lose all the benefits of the high bit, wide gamut colour space.

On top of this, JPEG files use a lossy compression format, so you lose data yet again .

May I suggest that you re-read all of Barrie Davis' posts in this thread?
He has actually answered all your questions ...

I guess if one is working in high end commercial work all of those large files would be needed, but for 1000 wedding pics it's ridiculous to work in that arena. I have never had a client ask me if my files were srgb or adobe rgb, 8 bit or 16 bit.....they just tell me how they love my images, how I capture the essence of the moment and love handing over their money to me......the rest is for people with nothing better to do than  to argue over color space and which one is better....blah blah color space is green, as in CASH.........

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