Be Thankful For Olympus Gear

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Re: Be Thankful For Olympus Gear

Doctor Lecter wrote:

As I scroll through reviews on Amazon, of the new Nikon D3200 / Rebel t4i / and even higher end Canikon models, I am struck by how many "it was bad right out of the box" type reviews... there are so many complaints about dust, poor quality control, and even people saying things like, "this WILL be a 5 star camera someday, as soon as they fix these problems..."

This is stuff you rarely, if ever, hear about Olympus gear... even the low-end E-xxx models just seem to go and go, and have few problems --- certainly not right out of the box!

So, I say Olympus is doing it right, at least in the quality control dept.

I have had no complaints with the E-420, E-500, E-620, E-1 and E-5 that I own (or owned in the case of the E-500).  Shortcomings are the fault of the operator most of the time.   Along with seventeen of the Zuiko lenses, I have a very fine set.  Comments on the quality of and service by Olympus are overwhelmingly positive.

I suspect that many other manufacturers make beautiful working cameras and lenses, there are too many stunning shots out there to think otherwise.

My father used Olympus, and that is where I got my start.  At this point I am not changing systems.  Only the future will tell where this hobby goes.  In the meantime, the snow has ended, so back out to shoot something.  

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