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You gave it permission

Penny123 wrote:

The only issue is I downloaded the trial from here:  but it installed those annoying tool bars and search options without permission which I now can't get rid of.

softonic is actually very clear that it's going to install those kinds of extras.  IN the case of that download, they install AVG Safeguard, which is basically a Yahoo toolbar with some AVG scan features integrated).

Unlike some downloads that try to sneak that kind of thing in, softonic actually gives you separate screens telling you about the add-ons it's installing.   All you need to do is check the Custom (versus Express) boxes on those screens, and uncheck the boxes for the extras on those screens.

I just saw someone else that had a similar issue not long ago (and the other installer was using a different set of toolbars and adware).

That installer from softsonic was also very clear about the extras it was going to install, just as the one you used for Photomatix is.

This is what you see when you start it:

But, you don't have to dig through the "fine print" in the EULA to figure out that they're installing toolbars and making search/home page changes, as they make that *very* obvious on the following screens.

Once you click Accept, you'll see this screen, where it tells* you it's going to install a toolbar and give you a new search provider if you use the default Express install.  Basically, AVG uses a Yahoo toolbar with some scanning features integrated and they call it AVG Safe Guard

You can even click the box beside it and it will give you a popup with more info.

So, when you see that kind of thing being installed, *pay attention* and opt out. 

In this case, just click on the Custom check box, and uncheck the box for AVG Safeguard before clicking Next.  IOW, make sure you have the options like this first:

Again, all you need to do is click on the Custom box, and make sure the box to make that change is  unchecked.  IOW, you'd want this:

Then, when you click next, it starts the installer for Photomatix, and you don't end up with the other junk installed.

Like it or not, lots of download sites are using custom installers like that anymore.  For example, CNET's has a reputation for doing that kind of thing.

Heck, even Adobe is trying to install extra junk when you download flash player or acrobat reader anymore (installing McAfee Secure Scan by default).  But, you can uncheck a box so it won't install it.  That's very common (extras being installed to help software vendors make money) anymore.

But, the the case of softonic, they make it very obvious that they're doing that kind of thing, and make it easy for you to opt out (by checking the Custom versus Express box and unchecking the boxes for any extras being installed).

IOW, be careful when downloading software, and PAY ATTENTION versus just clicking Next, Next Next without reading the screens telling you it's going to install that kind of stuff; as you GAVE IT PERMISSION (and their installer makes it pretty obvious it's including those extras by default, letting you opt out if desired).

As for getting rid of the junk you let it install, go to Control Panel and see if they're under Windows Add/Remove Programs for starters.

If not, you may want to try AdwCleaner for starters:

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