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Re: sRGB vs. RGB

Barrie Davis wrote:

GMartin wrote:

On the Canon 5D you have two choices......sRGB and AdrobeRGB...or RGB for short.........

No! You're WRONG!

Chevy = Chevrolet

Chevy = Chevrolet Automobile

Calling it an Auto, or an Automobile... does NOT identify it as a Chevrolet version of an automobile...

Likewise, the identifier of the colour space is the word Adobe.
If you omit the word Adobe, you have not identified it.
Instead, you have been referring to a colour mode, as if it was an unidentified colour space, of some sort.

Which is a pretty substantial mistake which you should NOT be trying to foist off on us. That is called adding insult to injury.

Anyway, I have now had enough of you.

Good day. Good bye.

hahha...what a putz.....

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