Stupid printer (dpi) question, or maybe not so stupid.

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Re: Stupid printer (dpi) question, or maybe not so stupid.

Freeman-Jo wrote:

I don't print stuff myself because to me the concept of calibrating printer seem like a dark art to me(no relation to Harry Hotter here). I mean, for me, as a non-professional protographer who don't print on daily basis, it seem more trouble than it worth. But I like big print. Generally I just grab a printer profile from drycreek and order 12x18 or 20x30 at Costco. And if I'm lazy, then I just convert to sRGB instead before uploading. If my process is wrong, or then you are welcome to make suggestion. I probably have around ten or more of 20x30 and over fifty 12x18 and have them around the house. Since they are inexpensive I am not worry much. I can order more print for that price. So my knowledge in this area is tiny.

Well, today I just saw DPR posting about new printer review and thinking wow, nice, DPR doing printer review too. Probably not gonna want to print myself still. And then I see the printer spec 4800x2400 dpi and it hit me. I mean, is there a reason to make that kind of high-res print? I mean, can human eyes can even tell anything even higher res than 1200x1200 dpi at maybe 6inches away? And exactly what are you going to print? I mean seriously 4800x2400 dpi is roughly 11.5MP per inch. So, to print at 13x19 at that resolution would require roughly 2.85GigaPixel. Do people very shoot w/gigapan and make that kind of print? Can somebody who understand this kind of stuff explain this to me?


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If picture worth a thousand words, how many megapixel is it?

You are totally confusing DPI with PPI.

in printing, each pixel of an image may end  up being composed of dozens of varying size ink droplets or "DOTS" The D in DPI!

A printer can lay down that resolution in order to be able to create truly smooth gradations of tones as well a minute details I am sure you would want and expect on your prints.

Since you are perfectly happy with your COSTO prints, it is probably best to just stick with their service. Unless you want to enter into a world you will become addicted to.

Just like a lot of us.  sixteen 13" and larger printers and counting ( yes all at once )


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