HS50EXR vs SL1000.Anyone compared these 2 camera?

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Re: HS50EXR vs SL1000.Anyone compared these 2 camera?

Nice shots VT! I have the S8200 which has the same sensor as the SL1000 and it's a very good camera. Love the Fuji color and it's butter smooth and quick zoom in/out. I think it's on par with regards to IQ with the HS50 without the need to fine tune the EXR sensor. The S8200 is a bargain zoom cam and should serve anyone well with very good IQ, 40x optical zoom, HD video, excellent ergonimics (every button is placed well), and pretty fast focus. That said, I'm also trying a Nikon P510 that I grabbed on sale and it's difficult to decide which I like better. I vote for your SL1000 with the CMOS sensor and hope to see more of your pics. A few below with the S8200:

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