D600 concert photos - Oil spots everywhere!

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Re: Steve...

AZBlue wrote:

Ecniv wrote:
If you looked at all the Kid Rock shots you could clearly see a few of them have a nice sized blob on the top left corner and one in particular has two of them clearly showing. Now you are either blind or continue to click your heels and repeat "there are no spots, there are no spots..."

Who is clicking their heels and saying anything? You have a very vivid imagination. When someone says that they do not have a particular issue, you need to stop misreading the statement as "nobody has this issue". There's a difference, I'm sorry you don't see that.

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He said there were no spots, now that's a very vivid imagination as one who truly looks can CLEARLY see that there are. Now as for I see that's clicking your heels. Ciao, enjoy your spotty D600.

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