LX7 ~ how is the camera for family shots

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Re: LX7 ~ how is the camera for family shots

People post holiday shots, landscapes, street photography, and other photography made for artistic reasons.

People rarely post family shots because they're of less interest to the world at large, and many might feel that they're violating their family's privacy or safety by posting shots online.

Naturally, those rules apply to photography sites much more than social networking sites, but most Facebook profiles won't give you exif data on their shots, so you can't see what they used to take the shot (hint: it's probably a smartphone).

I get great shots of fast-moving kindergarten kids with my LX7. When they're not moving as much, my shots aren't as good because I'm not a very good photographer so I make a stationary subject look boring. The camera is capable of great people shots, static or active. The photographer in my case, not so much.

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