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Re: Here's a screen shot

Okay, if I shoot RAW, then it's a setting (choice) in PS as to whether it converts that RAW file to sRGB or aRGB......  correct?    And I can also select that setting in NX2, or any other RAW converter, right?

Now that I am having prints made (at ProDPI Lab) and selling them perhaps I should switch from sRGB to aRGB.    I'm already in the habit of saving one version as a low res jpg for emailing and for the web, so it wouldn't be much trouble to save that low res version in sRGB.

As an aside - interesting that some of the popular online printing sites such as Bay, ProDPI, etc., use printers such as the Durst Theta that are NOT inkjet whatsoever as I understand it, but Type C, silver halide process.    I guess although they use std. inkjet papers, the printer must lay down a photographic type emulsion, then expose that with laser beams.   How wild is that?    All I know is the prints look sharp and colorful.   Anyone???

Thanks,   Ernie

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