British homes are just too small

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Re: British homes are just too small

I noticed that in all the replies, only one person mentioned post-processing. Studio photographers seem to have an inborn antipathy to post-processing, as though it were evidence of a shortcoming if not outright failure as a photographer.

I would urge you not to fall into that mtistake, especially if you're shooting in confined spaces.

If you have the wits and will to learn Photoshop, you can greatly expand your horizons as a portrait photographer. Here are just a few illustrations that show why the background (and its distance from the subject) mattered not one whit. (The cat was reclining on top of a refrigerator with cabinets directly behind him. The older gentlemen was obviously standing beside a brick wall. As for the others, I don't know, and it didn't matter. Photoshop fixed them all.)

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