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Re: Here's a screen shot

dsjtecserv wrote:

GMartin wrote:

First sentence of the article you linked:

An RGB color space is any additive color space based on the RGB color model.

There is no "RGB" color space; there various color spaces based on the RGB model, which are collectively referred to as RGB color spaces. The article lists a number of different RGB color spaces, of which sRGB and Adobe RGB, along with ProPhoto RGB, are the most commonly used for photography, and only the first two are available to you to choose on your camera.

Referring to sRGB and "RGB" as separate color spaces is like referring to "Toyota" and "automobile"; they are not discrete categories, but rather one is a subset of the other.


OMG...another one.......THOSE are the TWO options in the 5D......srgb or adobergb.....splitting hairs........go milk a cow or something.....

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