New pc build with i7 3770K

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Re: New pc build with i7 3770K

ilysaml wrote:

The Green drives are optimized for low power usage and as a result they're noticeably poorer performers because they spindle down after few seconds. Get a green drive if you want bulk storage and performance isn't a concern, but personally I hate that 35 MB/s rate when I transfer files between partitions, so speed wise, get a faster HDD.

This is nonsense.  You continue to complain about green drives with false data like this 35mb/rate. They give up very little in transfer rates to the higher rpm drives.  For examples, the Red 3tb drives come close to 150MB/sec on the outer platter, down to 62 on the innermost (average = 112)  The Green 3 is a bit slower - average is 98, slowest cylinders in 50s.  They just don't have the same random access performance as a 7200rpm drive, which is also dog slow compared to the worst SSD out there.

The OP wants storage drives.  Greens are ideal for exactly that use.  They run cooler and quieter than the 7200s.

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