NO More D660 OIL threads PLEASE

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Re: Do you suffer from OCD ? OCD ma er OCD...OCD..?? you mean OCD...right?

Prairie Pal wrote:

Event_shooter wrote:

Lets all agree the D600 has oil spots, and apparently always will, so we no longer need the millionth thread that you bout a D600 and now you see oil spots.

Unless a D600 spot thread is disguised with a misleading title you have no reason to look, so you have no reason to complain about them.  There are many thread topics that I'm not interested in and I have no problem skimming over the titles and ignoring them.  For those who can't muster the will power to do the same, I suggest a visit to their doctor to discuss OCD.

The only people with a vested interest in governing discussions in public forums are the ones who are paid  (or dillusionally self appointed) for damage control and brand promotion under the guise of Joe-Forum Member.

I think you mean OCD..OCD...OCD? Right....that is OCD? Right? Like OCD?

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Enjoy.....believe in yourself..

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