new HD with my operating system on it as main drive...

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kelpdiver Veteran Member • Posts: 3,002
Re: I would move data to new drive and then reinstall OS on original drive

digitalshooter wrote:

unless the original drive is too small for future program growth or has disk issues?

If you left the OS on the second drive, it would serve no purpose and may have a conflict on boot up.  You would have to tell the PC in the startup bios to select the new drive as the boot drive.

Unless you have no choice, you should always preserve the original drive state until you're sure the replacement is functioning well.  Then if you encounter any trouble, you just slap the original drive back in.

So my preference is to

1- backup data

2- pull original drive

3- install OS to new drive

4- restore data

5- after suitable bake time (2 weeks?) - reuse original drive as desired

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