Do you print with the intent to view under certain lighting?

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digital ed
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ranalli wrote:

I'm probably splitting hairs at this point(maybe not from a pro standpoint) but finding it hard to see the value in having a calibrated monitor, etc if when I get the prints back they look too warm when viewed under most lighting conditions.

I got some prints back and they look great but I thought they were a bit warm looking and compared to my monitor they were...but obviously only under the incandescent 100 watt bulbs I have in my office.  When I put them under this "BlueMax" lamp I have(suppose to mimic sunlight more or less) they were very close to what I see on my monitor even with regards to contrast.

Do people just ignore this discrepancy since it seems minor or do they try to compensate?  I tried to compensate with some settings in Lightroom to get them to look the same under incandescent but seems a bit more than simply warmth is affected by a simple light change.

Any ideas/opinions on this?

Thanks in advance.


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