Tripod research is testing my sanity, advice please

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Re: Tripod research is testing my sanity, advice please

I landed here because i was going through a similar process with finding a monopod. I guess monopod was mentioned once, so this thread showed up in a search, but it looks like this is all about tripods.

While i'm here, though, i'll put in a slightly qualified plug for Feisol. I bought a used set of their  CT-3402 legs locally, at a good price. They seem sturdy and well made. Went ahead and got their CB-30C ball head (i have a smaller camera, the Sony NEX-7), center column, and the VH40HA adapter to be able to use a center column as an arm to give some more flexibility to position the camera in odd positions.

It's all well made and solid enough, and everything operates smoothly. The only real issue i've found is that there's no provided way to lock the head onto the top platform of the column or the top plate of the tripod. Manfrotto/Bogen has three little set screws that screw into the mounting platform from underneath that, when tightened, lock the head (or the VH40HA adapter) in place so it can't be accidentally unscrewed when fiddling with positioning the tripod/camera set up. Not sure what other manufacturers do for this, as i've only previously owned Manny/Bogen.

With the Feisol, one just screws the head down as hard as possible, but i still have it loosen up on me now and then in use. I tried putting a flat, rubber washer under the head to provide some friction/resistance. This seems to help, but it's still not possible to torque it down enough to prevent it from occasionally unscrewing.

I'm using the above set-up for outdoor macro stuff, so there's a lot of tightening, un-tightening, and moving things around to get the camera just where it needs to be, so i may be more apt to unscrew the head more than someone else doing work which involves less fussing.

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