The best camera company

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the one that makes the most money?

The best company is always the one that makes the most money. That's what companies do, and is their purpose in life.

Now, if you'd ask which company makes the best cameras, that would be different. Maybe Hasselblad.

What you obvious meant is which company makes the camera that is best for you. Since most of us aren't stupid, I would hope that we all own the camera we think is best for us, assuming we can afford it. Therefore, assuming everyone votes for the camera they own, the company with the most sales would win. This probably Canon.

In a brand war traditionally fought between Nikon and Canon, it appears that Canon now has the upper hand, with 33 percent of consumers indicating it as their preferred camera choice according to online consumer buying trends drawn from Sortable’s partner, Snapsort, a web site that allows people to analyze, compare, and recommend digital camera options. Nikon falls to second place with 26 percent, followed by Sony at 15 percent, Panasonic with 7 percent, Fujifilm at 5 percent, Olympus at 4 percent and Pentax at 3 percent. Other manufactures make up the final 7 percent.

So there you have it. A unarguable answer to who makes the best cameras. Aren't you glad you asked?

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