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Re: Here's a screen shot

Barrie Davis wrote:

GMartin wrote:

Victor Engel wrote:

This is from my 5D.

iPad snapshot of Canon 5D menu setting for Color space.

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Victor Engel

Thank you.....I dont see a "1998" anywhere on the screen.....hmmmm....maybe it's invisible ?

Goodness me!.

Look, it doesn't matter about the (1998), okay? As there have not been any more recent versions of AdobeRGB, it is currently the ONLY one, so is often abbreviated!

The "ADOBE" is the important part... and is the part you deny the existence of when referring to it as as being merely "RGB," as if RGB is a colour space...(it isn't.)

As you have been told, RGB is a mode of colour description. It isn't a colour space like sRGB, AdobeRGB or, ProPhoto RGB... or any one of 10 or 15 other RGBs colour spaces there happen to be.

You have a choice of "s" or "Adobe" RGB colour spaces on your camera. That is all.

There is no RGB colour space... so you could never have had it selected.

I hope that is clear now, in view of the effort that has been put into trying to explain it to you,

.... particularly by Victor.

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"Ahh... But the thing is, these guys were no ORDINARY time travellers!"

Ok, in one sentence you SAY that there is no RGB color space, but then at the end of your tirade you say I have two choices of color space, sRGB and RGB.......

AND...if RGB is not a color space, then why is that offered as a choice of COLOR SPACE on the 5D menu selection.....are you saying that the Canon menu is an error ?

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