Obama backs Internet sales tax bill

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Bill Randall
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Possible Solution?

chironNYC wrote:

Two questions:

When will the government say thy have taken enough of our money?

To answer that I need to know how much you have left.

If there is a national internet sales tax, does that give the federal and state governments the right to audit internet communications?

Yes. But it does not have to be.

With the internet sales tax the government will have access to almost every thing posted on the internet. The fact is businesses do not pay taxes - their customers do. Brick businesses pass the tax on to their customers, but currently internet customers do not pay a tax. The internet stores have an unfair advantage.

Suggestion: Why not do away with all sales taxes, and increase personal income taxes? This would actually be a cost savings to businesses who will no longer be burdened by all the paper work and meetings tax decisions require. In addition, government expenses for collecting and monitoring business taxes could be reduced.

In regards to an increase to personal income taxes, I am talking about the higher income levels.

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