Bring the D7100 on trip or not?

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Re: I'm Convinced, now how to carry it.

Hi Thomas, Although I live on a grazing property in S.Aus., I've lived and studied (post grad.) in the UK and continue to travel there regularly. I've never ever felt as if my SLR gear was in danger of being swiped in the way you wonder when in Europe (particularly Eastern Europe). Relax, it's not the wilds of Belarus or Moldova (or the Paris Metro)!

If you have some idea where you're going for a day, why bother with a bulky bag or elaborate disguises? The 16-85mm covers most situations, put a spare battery in your pocket, use a non-labelled shoulder strap and, above all, be unencumbered. (OK, a folded thin plastic bag too, in case it rains and you don't have a coat)

(Not that I'd bother in the UK, but I have a titanium wire insert camera strap for use in 'hungrier' countries.)

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