New pc build with i7 3770K

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philmar wrote:

I never liked going in to the BIOS and trying to figure out what to do. And then fine tuning voltages, multipliers and monitoring temperatures aaargh!! But I think I'd like to OC this new build because if one can get better performance for free, why not? And more importantly I read now that some ASUS mobos like Sabertooth Z77 and ASUS P8Z77-V DELUXE have automatic OC features on them. If you don’t want to perform those complicated OC you can easily select the performance mode on the BIOS setting for painless overclock. It will result in 4.2GHz frequency with full system stability using the Core i7-3770K. This appeals to me. A LOT. I would pay more for a mobo that allows EASY overclocks.

Asus motherboard overclocking works very well at least for me. They run through a process testing each setting and if the computer freeze it reboots and tries different setting until if finds something stable.

The biggest thing is to buy a good CPU fan, they have benchmarks and comparisons for them online for which is best for your budget. When you have a good fan, then the process works well if you use the cpu fan that comes with the CPU, the processor often gets hot and even though you have run through the stability process on the Asus board, it doesn't have a way to figure out your fan cannot keep your cpu cool over time, this is where you see problems.

Good luck and I can say from experience the Asus motherboards work well for this automated overclocking. Can't speak for the other brands of motherboards

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