new HD with my operating system on it as main drive...

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Msongs wrote:

I have a drive with win7 on it now. would benefit from a clean install to dump lots of clutter over the past year. also has my data files of course.

so if I got a new HD and put win7 on that and used the original drive as backup and data source, is there a problem with the new drive win7 as win7 is still running on the older drive?

Or do I have to get rid of win7 on the now-to-be secondary drive first? I have the complete version of win78 that I bought retail, not an OEM

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You don't have to get rid of your old windows 7 boot.

Disconnect old windows drive sata connector and plug that sata connector into new drive.

Install new hard drive (could be SSD or not) and freshly install windows on it.

Plug in old hard drive with old windows 7 on it using a different hard drive.

Boot your system. Install a free program called EZBCD. Tell it to find your old OS (it has a recovery function that looks for other installs other than the one you are booted to) after it has found it, name it to something your recognize.

When you reboot, you will have two choices on a black screen to boot to new OS or old OS.

When I first purchased a computer, I backed the computer up when it was brand new installed my new second hard drive with the same OS as the first one. Never had an issue.

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