Press events on Tuesday, April 23, 2013?

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Re: Canon's current sales...telling..70D is very near.

Thorbard wrote:

sreenivasa reddy b wrote:

Did press even occur today? I do not see any news on that, eagerly waiting for 7d Mk II

No news. No rumours. Even one rumour that there wouldn't be an announcement.

If you need a camera now, buy a 7D. If your existing camera is still good, go take photos!

Damn internet, it is so easy to create buzz with B.S.

I love the high ISO performance of the new sensors, just don't want to get stuck with four year old camera (one of great camera of its time) when new one is around the corner.

Yeah both of your comments make sense, I will go for the cheaper option i.e. go take a picture

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