Buying the NEX-5R but deciding on a lens... want a portable GOOD camera

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Re: 20mm + 16-50mm or cheaper 19mm + 16-50mm


You have a wonderful camera in the a850, paired with an even more wonderful Zeiss lens.  Now the camera I'm going to recommend for you, as you're point and shoot replacement, is Sony's own flagship point and shoot with 1" sensor, the Cybershot RX-100.  Technically Sony's flagship P&S is the full framed RX-1, but you mentioned a budget.

I couldn't imagine going on a family trip with the kids and having to navigate between two separate interchangeable lens systems, when all that's really needed is a quality compact.  The A-E mount adapters just make the whole thing more cumbersome.

With the RX100 you get hassle free fun with real portability, and amazing image quality.  It fits in your pocket, the Nex does not.  It has video and all that good stuff you're looking for.  The RX100 menu system is designed like your A850, so moving between cameras will be quick and easy, the mode dial even offers the 3 custom preset settings similar to your A850.  The RX100's 28-105mm f1.8-4.9 variable aperture Zeiss lens is of good quality, certainly no worst than the budget kit lenses you'd be getting with the Nex system.

Image quality is spectacular, just read the reviews on B & H Photo's website, many of which are from pro and semi pro photographers, who have big DSLR's but don't want to sacrifice quality when portability is essentail  B&H LINK

EDIT: I'm quite surprised the RX100 suggestion didn't arise in page 1 of this thread...

Good luck!

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