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Re: Decentering is disappointing

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QC variances are an acknowledged problem with their cheaper lenses, but at this price?

It is surprising how many Sony lens gets with QA problem especially in E mount.  Even Sigma lens on their site have better representative samples which from what I read from other forums should not be the case.  I only have a couple of Sony lenses, but have not notice the QA problem that they found.

It is perhaps relevant to note that PZ buy their lenses for testing whereas most sites have lenses & kit provided by the manufacturers for evaluation.

This practice gives the suppliers the option of pre-testing & selecting out the faulty lenses but I'm sure none would be so unethical ........ 

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Keith C

That's a strong point in their favor. But they should switch their tests from the NEX-7 to the NEX-6.

PZ shouldn't give Sony a "pass" by testing their lens on a camera with a less-demanding sensor. They deserve a potentially poorer review for not designing a lens that performs well on their top-of-the-line body. And like it or not, the NEX-7 still is the top of the line. All of the vitriol and NEX-6 evangelism won't change that. They definitely should switch to the 7n when it comes out, though.

By that line of reasoning, why aren't they doing their Nikon testing on the 36mpx D800/D800E and 24mpx D3200?  Those have been out for almost a year, and the NEX-7 has been out for almost 1.5 years.  So are they giving Nikon a pass on their more demanding sensors?

Honestly though, I don't think these results are all that bad. What MTF tests fail to convey is that slightly soft borders on a 24MP image look a lot less soft when you downsize to 16MP. When it comes down to it, you're still probably getting slightly more detail on the border of a NEX-7 image than you'd be getting with the 6.

This is possibly true, but it's just that much more reason why continuing their tests on relatively ancient (~4 years old!) D7000 and D3X makes no sense if one is to make the argument that the-lens-must-resolve-as-well-as-the-sensor.  Claus can't make this argument for one brand and pretend this doesn't apply to the other.

Considering how much testing (and of course enthusiasm) that is being shown for Nikon lenses, you can see the argument for insisting on the NEX-7 is bull$hit.  I, for one, would be damn interested to see how good my Nikon lenses really are when pushed to the ragged edges with a ridiculously-resolving sensor.

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