The best camera company

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Re: The best camera company

Midwest wrote:

Airless wrote:

Now have at it!

P.S. I'll start: Olympus is the best brand because it has cool retro styling

If that's the first consideration - let alone a consideration at all - I don't think I'd see things the way you do. I want a camera that works right and does the job, not 'looks cool and retro'.

as soon as i saw olympus at the top, i knew this thread was off-the-rails.  fun tho.  for retro, i'd have thought fuji. to me olympus makes small awkward handling dslr look-a-like cameras. but anyway, the BEST camera is always the one that best suits your needs.  generally, one camera won't do it all so you need 2 or even 3.

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