Lack of VR in Nikon 300mm f4 - big deal or not?

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i shoot birds in flight (BIF) all the time w/o VR. my greater concern is subject movement. for BIF i personally prefer shutter speeds of 1/2000 sec and above. if you're concerned about hand movement, or require a lower ISO because your camera (which you didn't specify) produces too much noise, try a monopod. it shouldl give you an extra stop. a monopod is especially important with a TC.

if you get the 300mm f4. practice with it before your shoot. review your shots. most likely you'll be fine. 300mm is not an extremely long focal length for BIF, so another option, if you can afford it, is the new 80-400mm G VR. with this lens, and especially a TC14E attached, VR will make a noticeable difference with lower shutter speeds, but may blur your subject with speeds faster than 1/1000 sec. three weeks with this lens and i'm still trying to figure this out.

IMO, the 300mm f4 w/o VR + TC14E is the best value going for the highest image quality (IQ). not every shot lend itself to that focal length, and with experience you'll find a zoom offers much greater flexibility. especially one that you can add a TC to. good luck.

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