Extension Tube or Macro Lens?

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Re: Extension Tube or Macro Lens?

I don't think the difference is just that macro lenses have a flatter field. Any lens design is a compromise, and lenses are optimized for different subject distances. Fast 50s are optimized for medium distance out to infinity; when you extend them closer than their focusing mount allows, they get even worse. Macros are designed to be better close up, yet most do very well indeed at infinity as well. Legacy 50mm macros are cheap and abundant. Fast 50s were popular in the film days because film was slow and SLR OVFs benefit from large apertures; today, when the base ISO of most sensors is 200, and we're talking about mirrorless cameras, they make less sense. They are not sharp wide open, and nobody is going to shoot macro at F1.4-2 anyway.

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