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Re: Canon and Nikon have the competition covered

Looking at your post, it dawned on me that the top companies do much more than cameras.

Nikon makes steppers for chip manufacture and has a strong business in industrial optical devices, and sports optics.

Canon is one of the two top copier makers in the world.

Pentax is now part of Ricoh, the other top copier company, who also makes cameras.

Olympus has a range of microscopes and medical instruments.

Sony makes chips and sensors and games, TV's, audio gear, computers, etc.

Panasonic makes lots and lots of stuff, including studio TV cameras, TV's, etc.

Samsung makes cell phones, TV's, chips, sensors, and lots and lots of other stuff.

It seems that it's not enough to just make cameras.  In several cases, it took the income from other businesses to keep the camera business afloat.  It also means that companies with significant other businesses can also throw in the towel if the camera business gets too rough for them.  Minolta, and Konica, for example.  They got out of the camera business, merged, and concentrated on office equipment.  Sony, Panasonic, and Samsung could easily do that, if they chose.  Olympus almost did, and is now bouyed by an infusion of cash from Sony.  Did you know Tamron is part of Sony?

My choice for this silly survey is Sony.

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