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Re: The best camera company

Airless wrote:

Now have at it!

P.S. I'll start: Olympus is the best brand because it has cool retro styling

If that's the first consideration - let alone a consideration at all - I don't think I'd see things the way you do. I want a camera that works right and does the job, not 'looks cool and retro'.

I have never showed someone a photo I took and had them ask 'Yes, but is the camera cool-looking?'

That said, I have owned several Panasonic cameras, two Canon DSLR's and two old Toshiba point and shoots, and not a one of them has failed, needed repair, or had any known defects during their whole time with me. I'd say there are some brands today whose users wish they could get just one sample of their brand's cameras that works properly, even after sending it in for warranty repairs.

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