Show more pictures you took with the 12-50mm lens.

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Re: Hard to use...?

vincent filomena wrote:

Is this lens really so hard to use....Where is the beef ?


This lens is very easy to use. One minute a macro shot, a tight face shot the next, then a superwide ... What can be easier?  However, to get the best quality some extra care is needed due to its softer images.  When I said "challenge", I meant also the challenge of taking good photos, artistic photos, photos of that particular moment, i.e. things that do not rely on a super expensive and sharp lens but that require a good photographer.

BTW, I want to again thank everyone for your contribution, even though I have not done individually and commented on each photo, as I do not want to clutter up this thread too much.  Always nice to see photos with the same lens in a series and to learn what others can do and learn from them.  

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