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He said camera companies...

donaldsc wrote:

You left out all the medium and large format cameras out there

The first troll asked what's the best camera company. That pretty much leaves the medium format market on the wayside.

- Mimiya,

That's a gambling equipment and golf club company.

Mamiya's parent company realized they were failing in the camera business and liquidated it about 6 years ago. And IT company called Cosmos Scientific bought the Mamiya camera assets (not the people, not the books, just the assets) and tried to restart the business. They failed, and two years later, they sold the remaining assets to Phase One.

Phase One, Hasselblad

Has died more than once, and got their rotting carcass passed from vulture to vulture. Their current owner, Ventiz, believes that the way to rejuvinate the company is to wrap Sony NEX mirroless cameras in gaudy "rare materials" cases and call it the "lunar".

and also backs for large format cameras.

The companies that made the sensors discontinued them years ago. As the two remaining large format back manufacturers sell their remaining stock, they phase out products without introducing new ones. For example, BetterLight had six models eight years ago. They now have 2 of the 6 (the other 4 have "sold out" after their names on the web site. Really. They think that's a good marketing technique).

The name is of this site is Digital Photography Review and is not limited to small cameras.

No, but for the most part, it is limited to things that actually exist.

The large format cameras will beat the smaller format cameras hands down.

Or not. When DXO did some objective testing of the 39mp Blad and P1 offerings against the Nikin D800e, the Nikon won, hands down, for dynamic range and color accuracy. This mirrors pretty much every subjective and objective test and review in the last 4 years.

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