Fenway Pics: My sons ipod is often better than my 5D

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Re: Fenway Pics: My sons ipod is often better than my 5D

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New flash: DSLR owner in over their head with gear gets outgunned by P&S/camera phone owner.

Actually, not news, but certainly a clear message that you probably should spend more time learning your gear and less time buying new stuff.

Thanks joe..  yeah, I am always buying and selling Joe.. always looking for that new toy so I can get better pictures.. thats me.. yep, me and my 8 year old 5D classic..

doesn't matter how long you had it, you still obviously learn how to use it.

Is that the answer?  I think I have an adequate knowledge of how to use the device..  Would listing my experience somehow make the fact that I think an ipod takes nice pics somehow change?  Or is it more about hearing that a $300 dollar device takes pictures better in some cases than your $2000 dollar device worry you?  From my perspective, it matters little if the name on the device is Leica, Hassleblad,or Apple.. it takes good pictures.  Suggestion: Try it before you denounce.

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