D600 Battery aging already

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Re: D600 Battery aging already

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My D600 battery is fine so far (Oct purchase), but I bought a two V1's during the X-mas blow out and their batteries both are at 3 already.  (Same EN-EL15 battery)  They have each been charged maybe 4-6 times since Jan.

If you search the N1 forum threads there were several threads about it.  In my experience with the V1,  the age number does not seem to matter at all.  On Nikon's page it rates the V1 for 350 shots (CIPA).  Where they got this number I have no idea, it is hugely conservative.  I did a science museum overnight last weekend and took 472 pictures and six 1-2 min videos during the time we were there.  Most of the pics were also with the LCD and not the EVF.  The V1 still had one bar left when we left.

Thinking the batteries are just not programed correctly to talk back to the camera bodies, the performance seems fine.

you suggest the age means nothing.  i don't know what it's measuring. what i do know is that nikon put the feature in the camera and are replacing batteries based on the reading.  do what u will but it makes sense to me to get a new battery for free.

How did you get a battery out of Nikon for free?  I called them in late January when I saw both these at 3 and they clearly stated batteries are not covered under warranty.   I just called Nikon US again & got the same answer.   If you have a trick or code word to get them to send one, pls share.

The rep pointed me there to look at item #4.


surely consumer law requires them to replace such a new product  that is clearly faulty. The warrenty exception is surely to cover a battery with general wear and tear under pro level (daily) recharges?

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