Do you guys use VR on or off mostly?

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Re: Do you guys use VR on or off mostly?

I think the article is a bit simplistic in assuming that VR has to be turned off (manually) for high shutter speeds.

Any decision that is as simple as turning it off above a certain shutter speed, be it 1/FL or 1/500s, can and will (or should at least) be automated.

We know that communication between the lens/camera is bidirectional and additional commands do get added. The camera always knows the focal length even with zooms - if you have a speedlight attached and adjust the zoom ring, the speedlight will adjust as you adjust the zoom ring. Commands such as electronic aperture operation have been added - the PC-E lenses use electronic apertures and the camera commands the lens to stop down electronically as there is no mechanical linkage with these. So the information needed to make the decision is available to the camera and the camera has (or should be able to have) the ability to stop and start VR operation.

If you were going to shoot at 1/500s or any other particular speed, as the exposure duration is known by the camera before the shot is taken it would be very simple to command the VR system to stop before the shot is taken and to resume after. This could, for example, provide the benefit of a steadier viewfinder image. Someone who is smart enough to calculate the VR system's deflection required to compensate for camera motion is going to be intelligent enough to figure this out.

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