wacom tablet recommendations needed

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Re: wacom tablet recommendations needed

mike in london wrote:

My Wacom CTE 630's pen has become overly sensitive and will now react even when a centimeter or so from the tablet. It's driving me mad as it keeps grabbing things I don't want. iIs ages old and is probably not worth repairing.

Does anyone have any recommendations as there are so many available?

My current one has a mouse and pen but it looks like many don't now, is that the norm? I'd prefer one with rather than have to buy a new mouse too.


I have the Intuos 5 Large. It came with a mouse and pen. Love it to pieces. SO glad I didn't get a smaller version!

I have to fight my wife for it some days, she uses it in Maya, Blender, etc. for her work. She doesn't know this yet, but for Christmas she is getting the Cintiq 24HD... which should free up the Intuos 5 for me.

Wacom is a great company, they stand behind their products and I have never had any performance or compatibility issues.

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