Buying the NEX-5R but deciding on a lens... want a portable GOOD camera

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Re: 20mm + 16-50mm or cheaper 19mm + 16-50mm

Option 1:

1. I would buy 20mm Sony pancake (it's sharper and more all-around than 16mm)- that would be very compact - truly pocket-able camera.

2. 16-50mm power zoom (that one is smaller than 18-55) for video - since it has OSS and you will need zoom as well for video.

3. 55-210mm for telephoto

Option 2 (cheaper):

1. 19mm Sigma lens - a little bigger than 20mm pancake, but very sharp lens - and very cheap - around $100 for a new alone or $150-190 for both 19mm and 30mm!

2. 16-50mm power zoom for video - has OSS and zoom. Again it's smaller than 18-55mm.

3. Don't buy 55-210mm yet and save for a new version that should come out soon. That advise is only if you want to save now some money and go a cheaper route.

Extra options to consider:

Option A (for low light): to avoid using flash (5R has a weak flash anyway) it's a good idea to buy SEL35f18 - very good and fast lens (and quite compact too) - will be good both for stills in low light and video (it has OSS).

Option B (for action, kids, sport): buy an LA-EA2 adapter + SAL lens (A mount) - adapter will give you DSLR focus speed and performance for moments when you need fast auto focus. Any SAL lens will do, but for starters SAL35f18 is a small, sharp, fast (f1,8) and cheap ($200 new) lens. LA_EA2 + SAL35f18 is roughly the same price as SEL35f18 - so it's up to you to decide what you need more: compactness and OSS or fast auto focus for shooting sports, action, kids situations.

Option C (for longer telephoto): Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 DG OS Lens for Sony Alpha - for use with LA-EA2 adapter: it's cheap ($310 new) and has longer reach (450mm equivalent) - it is sharper than any other lens in that price range and as a bonus you get OS (you will need it for telephoto) and fast auto focus with LA-EA2 adapter. You basically get best of both worlds. The only cons - setup will be closer to DSLR in terms of size, but this is a lens for special occasions when you need it, so I wouldn't worry too much about size.

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