How do you delete your unneeded photos or do you hoard them like me?

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Re: How do you delete your unneeded photos or do you hoard them like me?

sethmarshall wrote:

Early on I noticed if I took multiple shots of something, even if there were 5 great versions one is almost ALWAYS significantly sharper.  Motion blur of subject or myself, along with a missed focus from the camera, there is always a sharper version.

hmm...if that's the case, it's somewhat easy.  You could set lightroom to generate full size previews during import.  Takes longer, but it's all in one batch action.

But that's different than for me.  I can probably eliminate 2 of the 5 as not as sharp, but I'm not finding it common that just one stands out.  I typically have a few candidates and then I look for eyes, limb positioning and other subject collisions to cut it down.   Are you setting your shutter speed to the 1/X value and relying on IS to do its thing?  Or using autoiso, which effectively does the same thing?  When you have the luxury of sufficient light, you might want to increase shutter speed to 2x and see if you can get a higher rate.

May be nothing to this, but it's worth a look at the exif data.

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