How do you delete your unneeded photos or do you hoard them like me?

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Re: How do you delete your unneeded photos or do you hoard them like me?

roby17269 wrote:

Yes I know that storage is cheap... and I've read the arguments along the lines of: "keep all your originals because in the future there may be better software tools that will be able to improve them further". These arguments are true but I still don't buy them because: a) every time I upgrade storage it becomes a longer and longer chore to transfer ever-increasing quantities of data, b) I have no time whatsoever to do trips down the memory lane to revisit old images and c) as I feel my photography is improving, my most recent shots are more interesting to me.

Copying 500Gb may take longer than copying 100Gb to complete, but your part of it takes just as long - enter the command. All of my actions can be automated here.

I think you're correct in C) that the bar will be raised.  This can mean more images immediately get rejected as bad, but it also means a higher percentage of technically acceptable images.

Your method of going through all surviving images on 5 separate passes seems very time consuming.  I think the Kelby method for identifying bad and great is much more expedient to getting something out the door fast.   If I find a few more great images later to add, great, but I don't want to wade through 90% of the images before I can show anything.

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